Thinking about buying an iPhone 6? This video will make you think twice

The new iPhone 6 and 6+ may benefit from a sleeker, thinner body, but recent reports are emerging that the aluminium construction has a massive design flaw – the body bends under pressure.


It’s only been on the market a matter of days, but several iPhone 6 and 6+ users are complaining that the body on their iPhone has become bent with only a little pressure applied, usually from simply having the iPhone in their pocket.

Several photos have emerged clearly showing a distinctly bent aluminium body, with complaints that this new thinner and larger aluminium body means that it is unable to stand up to the wear and tear of staying in a pocket.


Apple users have taken to several forums, including the MacRumors forum to voice their dissapointment about this design flaw, which seems to affect the devices at the top end near the volume buttons.

With this in mind, perhaps it’s worth holding off buying that shiny new iPhone 6 until these issues have been properly looked into by Apple.

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