Synchronized Drones show off their musical skills

These flying hexrotor drones play some sweet music! This latest instalment from KMel Robotics shows perfectly synchronized robots floating through the air – banging on drums and plucking strings to create some famous classical compositions. The drones perform three songs, beginning with Strauss’ “Also sprach Zarathustra,” then into “Carol of the Bells” and finishing with a rendition … Continue reading Synchronized Drones show off their musical skills

Drone shoots footage of SpaceX Rocket launch with controlled landing

The space company SpaceX has just released the first footage of its Falcon 9 Reusable (F9R) taking off, and making a controlled landing. All the footage was shot with a drone at the company’s rocket-development facility in Texas. The video gives us a 360-degree aerial view, giving a unique perspective through a camera-equipped drone.

DJI Phantom drone captures beautiful bird’s-eye-view of New York City

This DJI Phantom drone captures amazing footage of New York City with a GoPro Hero 3 camera. New York photograper Randy Scott Slavin captured this stunning view of the city usually reserved for birds and Helicopters.

Drone delivers 80,000 Volts of paralyzing pain

With Drones hitting the public domain more and more with the release of affordable personal versions of this new tech; a group called Chaotics Moon Studios show off a taser-equipped version. Called the Chaotics Unmanned Personal Intercept Drone, or CUPID for short; this video gives viewers a troubling glimpse of the devices’s ability to delivery … Continue reading Drone delivers 80,000 Volts of paralyzing pain

Drone captures rare video of a huge school of Dolphins in California

Captain Dave Anderson captures a beautiful, jaw-dropping video footage of a huge mega-pod of thousands of common dolphins stampeding off Dana Point, California. The footage was taken from a DJI Phantom 2 Drone,  just another example of the great video that can be made with this new technology.

Killer Drone – a prototype with Machine Gun attached

Although I do think this is extremely cool, it did make me think about the sinister side of drone use. With Drones becoming ever more affordable to the general public, you have to question the privacy issues this will cause when you have someone attaching a camera to it (let alone a machine gun).