The Rufus Cuff – a step beyond the Smartwatch

This Rufus Cuff looks like a device straight out of a sci fi movie from the 90’s, but could this be the next logical step forward from the Smartwatch?

The Rufus Cuff, currently on Indiegogo with a price tag of $239 for the early birds – will have an array of different functionality – from Web, messaging, voice and video calls to full apps from the Google Play store.

“It’s being marketed as a full-on “wrist communicator.” Grifoni said the device’s large 3 inch wide screen will give it an edge over competitors, and claimed it is easy to get used to, especially since the weight of the device is distributed over a larger surface area.”

Although I like the concept, I’m unsure how the general public will react to such a large screen on their wrist – it looks overly bulky and could be more of an annouance than the revolutionary tech it claims to be. What do you think?


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