Quitbit – A ‘smart’ lighter that tracks your smoking habits

Quitbit is the worlds first ‘smart’, internet connected lighter which aims to help you understand your smoking habits. The idea is that with feedback about how often you smoke, you can gradually cut back – as well as set custom plans and personalise when and how the lighter works.


The accompanying app allows you to set reduction tagets and see how much money you save by cutting back, as well as logging useful data like the amount you smoke. You can even set the lighter to automatically disable once you reach a given target, although I don’t think a lighter not working will stop me smoking – I’d find a way.

Quitbit is currently on Kickstarter seeking $50,000 in crowdfunding pledges, at the time of writing it has surpassed $10,000 with 28 days to go.

I could personally see myself using this, if for nothing more than logging my daily smoking habits out of interest – but with an RPP of $149.00, I won’t be buying one anytime soon.


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