Introducing the New Matter MOD-t 3D Printer

MakerBot put 3D printing on the map, but MOD-t from New Matter claims to put it in the hands of the every day user.

New Matter is working with the legendary firm Frog Design, the company that has worked with everyone from Microsoft to Apple and Sony. The result is NOD-t, an extremely attractive 16-inch by 12-inch by 15-inch tall 3D printer encased in a removal, translucent cover. The company will also be helping build a suite of accompanying apps.

Stephen Schell, the cofounder of New Matter has been working in the 3D printing space for a decade and believes he has the ingredients for consumer 3D printing success.

  • The cost has to be something consumers can bear. “If you charge $500-to-several thousand dollars, you only get people who are really enthusiastic and passionate about 3D printing.”
  • The software must be simple and easy to use. “Consumers don’t want to understand and set temperature set points on an extruder.”
  • Offer access to great 3D designs.


Along with the MOD-t, there will also be an online store and application that allows customers to download and share 3D creations. The MOD-t is also Wi-Fi enabled, meaning the 3D designs can go straight from the app or site to the printer.

The startup launched their Indiegogo campaign today and are aiming for $375,000 in pledges, a realistic target considering it’s just started and has already raised $116,000 with 36 days left to go.

Is this the printer that will finally bring 3D printing to the masses? It very well could be, and with a price tag of $199.00 it could very well be a game changer for the industry.

Check out the chart below for a comparison of how the MOD-t compares to other popular 3D printers –


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