The future has arrived, hoverbikes are close to becoming reality


The hoverbike looks like something out of Back To The Future or Star Wars, but this is a real-life, fully operational hoverbike prototype.

Chris Malloy and his company Malloy Aeronautics want to bring this contraption to market, and to raise the funds to do that the’re promoting a 1/3 scale drone-piloted version of the bike on Kickstarter. If they raise the funds needed and the proof-of-concept is a success, then the full-scale model, with a human at the controls will become a reality.


The 1/3 scale model is flown by a 3D-printed robot with a high-definition camera mounted into its head. The drone is powered by an electric motor, through a standard RC helicopter controller. The drone can be yours for £900 if you’re willing to back to campaign on Kickstarter


“As for the full-sized hoverbike — which you’ll be able to clamber on yourself ready for your morning commute — tests are ongoing. Using a 1170cc air-cooled engine, the aircraft can provide 295kg of thrust. There’s still plenty of work to be done, but the engineers working on the project estimate that the finished model will be able to reach heights of 9,800 feet (about 3,000 metres) and speeds of 170mph, so zooming through the forests of Endor (or Derbyshire) in the style of Luke Skywalker could be on the cards.”


A revolution in aviation is occuring, back the Kickstarter campaign and help hoverbikes become a reality!

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