These trainers have an animated display you can customize with your phone!

Shiftwear, a New York based company hope to bring the future to your feet, in the form of these customizable, HD eInk- powered shoes. Their dream is to bring full animations and colour images to the sides of your sneakers, controlled through a mobile or desktop app.

They’ve already raised 128,560 USD, far surpassing their goal of 25,000 USD. Hurdles still remain however, 2 million USD is still required to bring this concept to market, the 25,000 USD is needed to fund the prototype. if successful, Shiftwear hope to have these sneakers hit the market in mid 2016, stayed tuned for more updates!

beautiful time-lapse of Dubai shows the city in flow-motion

This is not your average time-lapse video, this is flow-motion. Rob Whitworth, the creator of this video uses this technique to transport his audience on a journey from the cockpit of an airplane to skydiving over Dubai, through the city streets and into its desert playground.

The static time-lapse shots zoom into different subjects, giving a very real feeling of hovering and moving around the subjects. Check it out in the video below –

Drone wars: the gamers recruited to kill

In small bunkers across the United States, young gamers are operating unmanned drones targeting and killing ‘evil people’ in Pakistan.

Recruited at video game fairs by military leaders who know the value of games that glamourise ‘militainment’, drone pilots are left traumatised by the civilian casualties – or ‘collateral damage’ – their strikes cause.

Psychologically distanced from the enemy, are drones the future of warfare?

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